Networking for developers

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Networking for developers

How does this work?

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Meet another dev 1:1 every week.

Find devs to work with on your project.

Find project teams you can work in.

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Networking for developers

AI-powered 1:1 Matches

Our AI will set you up with another developer for a 1:1 meeting each week.

Github Integration

Quickly assemble a team for your project on ConnectDome.

Import an existing project using our Github integration or start from scratch.

Projects for You

Tailored recommendations to help you find a project/startup to work on.

Networking for developers

Team Toolkit*

Once you've got devs on your team, share your ideas, manage team, work on a daily agenda, timeline, and more.


Connect and chat with developers right within ConnectDome. Powered by Twilio Chat API.


Apart from Email Support, we also have a Discord server. Tune in for the help, stay for the community :)

* Team Toolkit is still in early development.

Start today. Free for early users.

Socialize. Build. Ship. Have fun!

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